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Common problem

How to determine whether the combination of an energy saving lamp with its various components is reliable?

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Because we do not have a dedicated instrument like the laboratory in real life, we can only observe and some simple action to determine the recognition. When we judge the lamp cap and the plastic parts of the combined firm degree, we first looked at the lamp holder and the plastic parts with is there is no gap, gap size is reasonable, cap of beer the depth of hole, then we with a hand grip holder and a hand grip plastic parts used in military to tighten it, if you can unscrew indicated that the combination of the lamp holder is not strong. When we judge lamp and plastic parts, upper and lower plastic parts between the firm level, we can first observe, and then hold them on both sides of the upper and lower sides, gently to shake and pull, this force can not be too big, nor too small, see if they have no loose phenomenon.