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Industry trends

Chinese LED enterprise "inertia thinking" nine

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Thinking 1 - scale

1 large:

Chinese enterprises, including Taiwan funded enterprises, they like to do great again. The acquisition of Taiwan crystal electric circle chan,

MOCVD equipment is close to 500, from the production perspective, may become the world's largest chip maker.

, the Saman and return to Xiamen, seems to have become a "national team", MOCVD quantity from the original 170 Taiwan based and plan increased 200. The next biggest chip manufacturers have the whole world in view, the two may be.

2 fifth:

Linsen, packaging production of 800 KK/ days, now force the lighting market, in addition to the chip does not do outside, others are doing. May be now LED lighting manufacturers in the first one can challenge the traditional lighting manufacturers to challenge the company, it may become the first 10 billion lighting industry enterprises.

With 7 billion holding Neo neon, and Guangzhou sub A, industrial chain is extended to include Nantong Tongfang extension, Neo neon package and indoor and outdoor lighting, is to develop in the direction of "perfection".

In 3 Chinese enterprises seeking greater perfection at the same time, some international companies in recent action but is "seeking points":

Philips in July this year announced that Lumileds led and automotive lighting division merged and set it as an independent subsidiary, in the future it is possible to peel this part of the business. September 23rd announced the establishment of an independent lighting business, while the consumer and healthcare sector mergers.

OSRAM after July 2013 from Siemens split after the listing, in April this year, OSRAM said it plans to spin off accounted for the largest share of the company departments, lamps and lanterns and related components division.

Seeking, and seeking perfection, regardless of right and wrong, are to the needs of their development.

- 2 practical thinking

1 price, simple to say, how to make money do?

Everyone to might think about an interesting question, the rapid popularization of the Internet, everyone's life brought convenient and affordable. And for our LED business, the Internet has brought us what?

Commercial channels, for the majority of LED lighting products bring new sales channels and ideas, may become one of the main channel of the future. At the same time, the field of electricity suppliers have become the most competitive, the price war is the most powerful place. Price ratio, the Chinese companies are more focused on the "price" rather than "sex". From the major electricity suppliers can be seen, there are several not to rely on the price to win, a few are really doing the brand, but this can continue to compete?

Faster than 2, to seize the market!

ETI shares NVC, and thus triggered a series of stories, is intended to open up the industry chain.

Veteran of state-owned enterprises Yaming introducing private capital Shenan and injected new vitality, make the 90 years "Ya," the word brand new trees flower. The two incident shows the lighting market vary from minute to minute, fast fish eats the slow, the most important to seize the market.

Thinking 3 - Conformity

Conformity to the public of the most typical example is this year's hot filament LED lighting, many enterprises in the suit to do this kind of product, but it will is the direction of development of LED?

Light glomeruli bulb why there is a market: 2013 incandescent lamp output of about 4.5 billion, filament ball bubble lamp main market is facing the market to replace the incandescent lamp. Incandescent lamp has 130 years of history, in line with people's aesthetic inertia. 360 degrees the whole week is also an advantage of the filament bulb lamp, especially suitable for decorative lighting, crystal lamp inside use.

Light glomeruli bubble lamp production technology with the traditional lighting manufacturer of original technology, apart from the light source by a tungsten filament change led lamp, other have not changed: the shell is made of glass; filling with inert gas to heat; interface and glass expansion coefficient close to the Dumet wire. But in fact, this is a last resort approach just to traditional lighting equipment skillfully crops and pick up, imperfect, can only say that is a temporary solution. From the LED development direction is concerned, if the LED process to play expertise, to solve the heat problem, this way will no longer have a competitive advantage.

Currently several major manufacturers including Buddha, wood Linsen (United Yapu'er, pilot) at the beginning of a large number of light pellet lamp. If the small and medium enterprises, in the face of such an opponent, you have the advantage of the technology, or the cost advantage, these problems are worthy of serious consideration.

Is another example, everyone in the application of the flat lamp do, some manufacturers have more special. A company in Shenzhen, the industrial design TV borrow to flat lamp design, simple they produce flat-panel lamp, transvestite, a total of three parts, do not use a single screw, the appearance is simple and generous.

- 4 prospective thinking

1.2014 years popular what?

Flip-Chip (flip chip) should have. The characteristics of flip chip is to avoid the sapphire heat, can pass a large current use; better heat dissipation, and the service life is improved; dimensions can do smaller, easier to match the optical; no gold and more reliable; antistatic ability, for the subsequent development of the packaging process play basis.

What is the 2.2015 year trend?

First, silicon substrate, gradually listed: currently some of the major companies in the world are in the development of silicon substrate devices, 8 inches of start, domestic enterprises do, with 2 inch, 6 inch mainly. There may be an enterprise with integrated circuit background in the future LED will be more competitive