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LED industry ushered in the outbreak of lighting business competition

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Amano Hirowa, Nakamura Shuji Akasaki Yong because of the invention of high brightness blue light-emitting diode to get the 2014 Nobel prize in Physics News, the entire LED industry companies and experts and scholars are excited. Insiders pointed out that it brings is not only the lighting revolution, but also a substantial acceleration in the process of LED industry, the future application of blue LED will usher in explosive growth.

Brought the second revolution in lighting industry ushered in the outbreak of LED

The three scientists in the 1990s early by semiconductor derived blue beams, for the development of the lighting field brought fundamental changes. Blue LED is known as the second revolution in lighting after Edison.

Before the LED blue chip invention, can not be applied to the field of white light illumination. Blue light appears, is the real entry into the home, the road outdoor and landscape and other large-scale application phase, and to subvert the era of incandescent and energy-saving lamps, the global reduction of carbon emissions, saving energy, more conducive to environmental protection, etc..

Former chairman of the domestic lighting industry listed company KingSun Li Xuliang told people's Daily reporter, the blue LED can save 60% - 70%, is a significant contribution to mankind. At present, the application of the market is basically LED, has been a lot of popularity.

With incandescent lamp out of the process accelerate and energy-saving lamps subsidy policy is coming to an end, LED lighting products grew in popularity and a comprehensive alternative to the traditional lighting products. And it is this development background, so that the impact of human life more in-depth, LED LED for people's role is increasingly subject to global attention.

The personage inside course of study says, the blue LED in addition to the expectations of the efficient energy-saving emission reduction, the more important is the industrial process much faster in the early ideas and makes the use of a variety of LED in the short span of the last dozen years greatly changed human life.

Chinese LED industry ranked first in the world of enterprise competition gross margin decline

In fact, in, Blu ray LED technology, domestic rather than foreign advanced. Foreign has been developing for several decades, while the domestic R & D is only a few years.

"In spite of this, in China a short period of less than ten years of development time, the domestic LED market scale, the application of innovation and quality control has been far ahead in the world, sit tight in the top spot." Li Xuliang to the people's network reporter said,

Even friends joked, "the blue LED" won the Nobel Prize, Chinese LED industry should be the fourth prize.

From 2013 onwards, the domestic led to replace traditional lighting products began to accelerate, the lighting industry entered the new round of industry upgrade cycle. At present, there are many enterprises in the domestic LED lighting industry, the competition is fierce. Capacity expansion, product homogeneity caused a price war, the product gross profit will gradually decline.

Currently listed on the lighting industry company, KingSun 2014 semi annual report shows, the total profit of the company 6777.25_wan million yuan, an increase of 5.69%, while gross margin fell; Foshan Lighting by profit compared to the same period last year decreased 37.12% for the first half of this year on the contrarian rise 71.51_%%.

Li Xuliang think, lighting enterprises need to continuous innovation to deal with the industry competition situation.

"LED industry in the future, lighting may account for only 10% - 20% of function, function more powerful may lies in its intelligence, Internet and many other features, the use of a variety of integration technology, which is led lighting the future charm."