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China's smart city development is the ten major trends of LED lighting industry layout smart city?

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At present, the national policy support to promote the development of smart city in full swing, all kinds of smart city participants actively influx, the government public data is also steadily open, these factors will promote the construction of continuous innovation, and gradually guide market forces to participate in the construction of smart city. In the future, China's smart city will be further developed, which is beyond doubt. Then, the future of China's smart city development will show what kind of trend?

1, Internet companies will play an important role

It is expected that in 2015, along with the rapid transformation of the wisdom of urban construction mode, more Internet companies will be more active and actively participate in the construction of smart city.

Ali and Baidu, led by Internet companies will be industry applications and cloud computing as the breakthrough point, through the opening of the cooperation model to promote the construction of smart city. At the same time, the national level will promote the healthy and orderly development of smart city through financial reform, purchase of services and government guidance and other models. At present, the construction of smart city in China is more than the competition.

The wisdom of urban construction is a huge project, which involves multiple levels and ecological system in various manufacturers to work together, in order to do smart city, need to promote the evolution of ecological system through the construction model of innovation. Therefore, with the government and the market forces to promote the wisdom of urban construction model is bound to change in the next few years, so as to effectively promote the development of new urbanization in china.

2, big data mining will enhance the wisdom of the city experience

In 2014, many new technologies which have the characteristics of the industry into the construction of smart city. 2014 is the first year of 4G, 4G mobile high-speed experience for the wisdom of the city to promote the application and promotion of a good foundation, and IDC building is the foundation of the building of the foundation, with the gradual maturity of cloud technology, smart city data center construction are added to the concept of cloud computing, through the cloud of data center building, more greatly enhance the ability to support data center massive data.

In addition, some members of the wisdom of urban industrial chain, such as IBM, Alibaba, Yinjiang shares began invest in large data, and access to the platform for smart city as a large data sources. Expected in the future, in the integration of smart city platform, through large data mining and other ways to achieve the wisdom of the city to experience and commercial success of the successful case will be significantly increased.

3, people's livelihood services platform will emerge

January 9, 2014, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice on accelerating the implementation of the information on the project related to the work of the project. Notice pointed out that the implementation of information projects to benefit the focus is to address social security, health care, education and other major areas of outstanding issues; each place in the implementation of information projects in the project, we should focus on resource integration, and gradually achieve public service and social information service coverage, all-weather acceptance and one-stop processing. June 12, 2014, the national development and Reform Commission announced the list of pilot cities of the national development and Reform Commission, a total of 80 cities nationwide. National Development and Reform Commission and other 12 departments, aims to accelerate the improvement of public service level and the level of equality and inclusive by pilot cities, and explore the new mechanism of public resource allocation, innovation and social management and public services.

It is expected that the next few years, the service platform will be the people's livelihood, and will be combined with the government's Government cloud building, local conditions, combined with 4G network promotion, promote basic public services in different levels, different regions and different groups, to promote the equalization of basic public services.

4, the wisdom of the city logistics transfer is actually empty

Commodity and service digital is the prerequisite for the realization of electricity suppliers. City Airport, inland port, free trade zone, and other physical commodity distributing center will utilize cloud platform realize digital warehousing, logistics, distribution and other a series of links, in addition to the logistics and distribution to add information and payment and complement the business system of the iron triangle.

In the cloud mall is the realization of digital product solutions. The program has been in cooperation with Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantai and other cities in the free trade zone and free trade zone, the goods will be gathered in the center of virtual goods, mobile phone users in all parts of the country, mobile applications. Goods are retrieved, under the single, payment, distribution information and other online shopping will be the information flow; warehousing, channels to break through geographical limitations, to achieve the full range of goods distribution and distribution of the entire user. Cloud mall has greatly enriched the city's commodity category, accelerating the flow of goods.

5, high-speed network will accelerate the development of Intelligent Tourism

The promotion of high speed network in China will bring great impetus to the construction of the wisdom tourism.

With the support of high-speed network, visitors can obtain the position location, route navigation, weather trend, looking for food, hotel reservation, shopping navigation, interactive sharing, online booking and other services, to achieve food, live, travel, shopping, entertainment, etc.. It is expected that in 2015, the wisdom of tourism will show a trend of rapid development. The popularization of the high speed network breaks the bottleneck of data transmission, which makes it possible to analyze and obtain the tourism services based on the large data. With the gradual increase in the experience of visitors, will gradually form a network effect, in the next few years, the wisdom of travel