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Industry trends

Government subsidies are increasingly out of the LED lighting industry is facing four major changes

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After 10 years of development, LED lighting has gradually entered a more mature stage, the government subsidies are gradually withdraw, the media hype has disappeared, and for the industry in the light industry, this time more need to look at the status quo and development of the whole industry.

First of all, we look at the development of LED lighting industry a few macro data:

$41550000000 & $9000000000

According to statistics, in 2014 the domestic lighting product sales amounted to $84000000000, exports of about $41550000000. Among them, LED lighting products sales reached $9000000000, exports 15000000000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 50%.

Europe, the United States, Japan as the main export country

LED lighting products for export to Europe and the United States and Japan, the export volume of the order of the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, France, Canada, etc..

Malaysia, India, export growth significantly

Since 2015 Asian countries demand growth faster, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, India, the United Arab Emirates and other countries export growth significantly, showed a larger market space.

However, as Chinese products in the international market share and the base is growing, LED lighting products export growth is still maintained a two digit, but this figure is a trend of decline.

Therefore, although the industry has a lot of industry downturn in the negative argument, but through the above data we want to see the entire LED lighting market is still growing trend. Expected 2015-2020 years, the global lighting industry will remain an average annual increase of about 5%. Among them, the developed countries between the 2-3%, and like China, India and other developing countries in 7-8%, the general trend that there will be no too big change.

At present, the LED lighting industry presents the following aspects of the changes:

1, high-speed transfer smoothly

By the global macroeconomic impact, coupled with the rapid development of a few years ago to make the base continues to increase, LED lighting has been changed from high speed growth to a steady growth

2, intelligent lighting into a hot spot

Products are from the pursuit of luminous efficiency to the pursuit of quality change, industry standards are constantly improving, consumer awareness of the need for lighting products has gradually become the same, personalized products continue to emerge, intelligent lighting is becoming the current hot spot

3, the survival of the fittest

Continuously improve the degree of intensive production, the great Evergrande, it is difficult to adapt to the competition environment of the enterprises or torrents yongtui or forced to withdraw from the

4, traditional LED

In order to OP, hung, sunshine lighting, Foshan Lighting, Topstar, bang, Lida letters to represent the traditional lighting companies in the process of transition to LED lighting achieved initial success, gradually in the market occupy a favorable position

And for the current speculation fiery smart lighting, intelligent lighting is one of the development trends of future lighting, which involves many areas of the sensor and control technology, information and communication technology, which is particularly important in front of the sensor and control technology. Like an unmanned vehicle, it must first perceive the external environment in order to make the appropriate instructions and operations. Therefore, if you want to do intelligent lighting, can not only consider the Internet + and communication, sensor and control technology is also essential. The essence of intelligent lighting is "people-oriented", it should be a systematic solution.

Generally speaking, enterprises need insight into industry developments, timely adjust their positioning and strategy. And for the LED lighting industry in China, in terms of global market share and sales on it, we have occupied the half of the country. The future, enterprises should focus on improving product quality and quality, have the courage and ambition and striving for world famous brand. China LED, need to be bigger, more to do strong.