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2015 Taiwan smart lighting industry business opportunities over 300000000

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Lighting in daily life can not be less, according to Taiwan ITRI is estimated. In Taiwan this year, smart lighting business reached 16 billion new Taiwan dollars (equivalent to RMB about 3.12 billion yuan), the next four years and more are expected to grow more than 3 times; New Taipei city will lighting industry department, system vendors and technology unit tripartite combination, pushes the transfer production value-added innovation plan, technology and development cooperation, create business opportunities.

The Secretary Ye Huiqing said the New Taipei City lighting manufacturers to several, output are first in the country, in order to enhance the market competitiveness, in addition to be improvement and innovation in the design and the purpose of saving energy, wisdom and values is the inevitable trend of industrial transformation and lighting.

New Taipei City Government spotted objects used in combination in the wisdom of the lighting industry future trends and business opportunities, the first wisdom lighting network tutoring programs. The board has been the first to visit depending on the jurisdiction of 297 lighting manufacturers, the overall understanding industry status and demand transformation, allow lighting manufacturers in the future can be directly clamoring to get into the networking application market opportunities, whether in the home, commercial, office and open space lighting to provide client intelligent energy saving and safe and convenient lighting, expand wisdom LIGHTING Global huge business opportunities.