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Industry trends

LED lighting industry into the new normal

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Into the new normal, the sharp drop in orders, the cost increase, European style lamp stores put huge and so makes the original store is difficult to feed, have turned monopoly, business tends to diversify. At the same time, the inventory on the move, the manufacturers increased funding pressures, in order to compete for the market, and even brand manufacturers have begun to fight the price war. To brand do not sell, European style lights from the nobility to the change of civilians.

European style lamp: from the nobility to the civilian

European style lamps originated in the European classical style art, is a luxury elegant pronoun, at first popular in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Taiwan, and later slowly penetrate into the mainland of china. As an exotic, early European style lights consumer groups is very narrow, and the price is expensive, mainly used in domestic and some European style luxury hotels hotel, building churches, top villa, and with Chinese and Western culture and living standards improved, in recent years, European decorative lamp market demand is gradually increasing, choice of the crowd is also getting more and more widely.

Enter the domestic market

In 1990s, the domestic emergence of a number of export oriented European lamp production plant, to Taiwan funded enterprises, almost all exports. Before 2001, the European lamp more rise in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other peripheral markets.

In 2001, some European style lights Taiwan funded enterprises such as the desire for, Katherine, began to enter the mainland market, limited to culture "acclimatized", the concept of consumption and other factors all the way came is not smooth. 2002, with the ancient town was rated as "China's lighting capital" to attract a lot of foreign investors to come to buy, European style lights become the darling of exports. Then Knock Fisino will cast copper soldering skills into European style lights bring a breath of fresh air to the market; in 2004, Ike Liston devaluation to resin as the backbone of the European style lights, leading the trend of consciousness.

In 2005, Knox subdivision of market integration, and have the emperor Voli, beauty of harmony, Knock Beth, Tiano sub brands such as, opening the era of multi brand operation. At the same time, the industry emerged a large number of European style lamp enterprises. The "Alex", "desire" and other brands have been released, the market penetration of the industry from the offbeat. In 2008, the financial tsunami struck, sharp drop in orders, a large number of export Western-style lamp enterprises have been washed away, the town of more than 200 European style lights enterprises are washed out half, some for export of factories and enterprises to the domestic market. Followed a few years, the European market has entered a stable development period, since then the European style lamp brand pattern.

From the original to "mixed blood""

European style lights generally with ornate decoration, strong colors, beautiful shape to the elegant, gorgeous European Court effect, pay attention to the lines, shape and color of the carving. The classic styles have candle desktop chandelier, shield type wall lamp, lamp cap etc. typical of several basic styles, including Candlestick chandelier. In general, the brass and resin material, and in the decorative details of the patterns big thoughts.