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LED lighting industry export market "temptation" in the case of China's LED exports

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On the one hand, main domestic market of merchants and manufacturers collective fall into an abyss of the difficulty; the compartments, the main foreign market vendors life too moist. Do export, death will not do domestic! Under the new norm, the competition in the domestic market tends to intensified, the scenery along the road layout began to greet, somewhat "scenery here alone good" temptation. In this case, "can not help but drool with envy the besieged city" in the enterprise, so what the outside market? And how to overcome it?

1, the "Fortress Besieged" outside the temptation

Relevant data show that the first 5 months of 2015, China's exports of LED lighting products $4080000000, compared with the same period in 2014 fell by 7.06%. Four months earlier than the same period last year fell significantly, in May the growth rate of exports rose to 9.28%. Even so, still higher than the overall growth rate of 7%.

Along with the development of the region along the way, Southeast Asia and South Asia market to benefit significantly, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines as the representative of the market to maintain rapid growth, including Vietnam jumped from thirty-seventh in 2014 to fifth.

It is reported that a large number of high-end lamps and lanterns products exported to Europe, with its terminal sales price as a reference, profit can reach 5 times the Chinese domestic market manufacturers margin; some personalized lighting products sold to Japan, its terminal price of 10 times as high as the ex factory price of china. Among them, the Chinese manufacturers to win more cost-effective, in the form of lower profit margins in Europe and the United States market, and emerging markets in the policy, standards and other requirements are lower, to become a large number of low and medium lamps, a certain number of profit is still objective.

We have one of the most favored an advantage, is shipped after the first payment. Compared to the domestic competition caused by the first delivery after the first delivery and other industry rules, the export is more conducive to the cash flow of enterprises.

2, export enterprises do not prefer domestic

In the last few months, people have been to the Pearl River Delta, have a common feeling, that is, the factory is closed, the streets of pedestrians less, the night market of beer stalls have not been so noisy and full of passion. Behind these images is a large number of export factories closed, the economic slump after the migrant workers return to the epitome of depression.

One is that the market differences lead to product differentiation, which determines the part of the export products are not suitable for the domestic market. For export enterprises, the product of the directional comparison is clear, mainly for a certain country and region specific standards for product development and research. For example, the export of electrical products in Japan, due to Japan's domestic household voltage is 110 volts, based on this standard of the product in the country is no way to use. If we want to adjust the standard production of domestic sales of products, the need to develop, production, and logistics and other aspects must be transformed to meet the needs of the domestic market.

Two is that many products for export enterprises to do processing, related to the product of the patent and other factors, limiting the development of domestic markets. Many export products in the Pearl River Delta manufacturing enterprises are mostly to earn a point of processing fees, product design and research and development are in the hands of foreign enterprises. Technical strength of the backward, destined to a part of the export enterprises in the low-end foundry work. This type of enterprise itself is not much market competitiveness, the only way to provide these companies is the competitiveness of China's cheap labor.

Three is that the export of enterprises in the domestic market channels to restrict the development of the domestic market. Most of the export enterprises directly and foreign agents in the previous year signed a good year for the purchase and sale contract, the company is only responsible for the production of products, foreign sales channels by foreign sales agents. Domestic lack of effective professional brokerage firms, export enterprises to expand the domestic market will need to build a huge sales network, huge sales network construction costs are difficult to bear the burden of many export enterprises. Without their own perfect sales network, export enterprises to abandon the domestic market is also inevitable choice.

3, the threshold of the overseas market a few

Lamps for export and domestic sales compared to many advantages, but also from many domestic enterprises' coveted. However, the various requirements of the external requirements of the enterprise's internal strength, especially for the enterprise R & D capability, quality control system and supporting the strength of a very high demand, the export threshold is not the general business can enter.

In fact, foreign customers on products, especially in Europe and America, Japan and other customers, in the choice of cooperation between manufacturers have strict standards, each other in need of a long time, but once the manufacturers, it will be long-term cooperation. PI they may after successive at the show saw the new R & D capability of enterprises, but also to visit the factory workshop, visit production line, production equipment and put forward relevant improvement opinion. Start production, but also to send people here, once the requirements of the requirements, the requirements to stop, the two sides to continue production of good communication.

In addition, the enterprise against overseas markets, the advantages of product design, process and quality. On the style and process, the single open mold is the largest investment in the process of development, a set of several hundred thousand dollars of investment, a few lights to do out is a million investment, if the market is not good, the small factory has collapsed. Style and process can only attract customers to achieve the first transaction, on the basis of the quality of stability

Fortes Lighting Co., Ltd. chairman Gong Jie Wang: fortes lighting in the UK has a branch, its products the best raw materials and devices, cargo past a ton of goods freight costs nearly 3 million yuan. Even so, plus all costs, gross profit more than in the domestic market sales and profits higher length.

Guanya lighting, general manager of the Chen Shaofan: Guanya lighting engaged in export more than ten years, which in Japan, South Korea, Russia and other countries sales accounted for more than half. Japan, South Korea and other market consumption is very strong, the pursuit of individuality, and then the high-end products, they also can afford, and regularly change, the market is very large.

Meaning Mio lighting CEO Pujiang: Mio main commercial lighting products, from 2006, the factory since its establishment, has been the main European markets, regardless of the market is domestic or foreign, Mio always clear positioning of their own: a professional OEM factory. Take the brand line is the final capitalist enterprises, to provide high quality products for foreign customers is the kingly way. With some brands to expand the business of the contrary, I think companies should do a long time, rather than do big".

Qilang International Lighting Engineering Director Zhang Liansheng: town with said there are more than 20000 lighting lighting enterprises, but it can really meet international hotel project of enterprises can be described as rare, which in addition to relate to the quality of the products, product style, including engineering team, financial management, personnel communication, cultural differences and a series of elements. At present, in the United States, Russia, Qilang Italy, Britain, and other countries to establish a branch. In recent years, our development of Southeast Asia Hotel project market this year, the Philippines, Malaysia market good momentum.