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Industry trends

LED lighting multi - level multi - form market is the formation of the lighting industry in the future where?

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T8 lamp fell below 9 yuan mark! A LED fluorescent tube 1.2 meters long, 18 watts, five years ago, the price is still 200 yuan, and now only 9 yuan. Selling light bulbs seems to become a more and more money to do business, the future of the lighting industry where? Today let Anhui take everyone to have a look into poetry lighting lighting industry new tricks. The major suit!

PHILPS: LED+ intelligent

Into the audit giant DDT in the new headquarters building in Amsterdam,, the light will be the first thing you notice. In this building in 2014, the 13 storey glass office building, the sun from the roof of the glass patio directly pouring down. While the sun can not directly covered the area, the distribution of PHILPS's smart LED lamps 6000.

And office buildings in common light bulbs, these LED light bulb does not rely on the wire to obtain electricity. Each of the light bulb is connected by the cable - the ordinary Ethernet cable you use when you install broadband. These things can get the bulb sensor information. In here, you don't need to look around for the light switch or the air conditioner.

Into an office area, the top of the lights will automatically open, air conditioning will be transferred to the body temperature. In addition, everyone can according to their own preferences, adjust the light and air temperature in the top of the head.

The lighting management system controls the thirteenth floor up and down all the lights and air temperature, but it doesn't look like the casino surveillance system that require a bunch of screen and install complex software, access control system only need to open a web page on a laptop computer.

By the end of this year, TheEdge has been put into use for a year, responsible for the design and installation of the whole set of lighting systems for PHILPS DDT Internet lighting product manager DerekWright is expected this system will save 70% of energy for DDT. In addition to PHILPS's traditional sales of light bulbs, the entire building used in line power supply system, smart phone applications and building management systems, are developed by PHILPS.

Change a few years ago, PHILPS in such a system to provide more often just a box and a box of energy-saving lamps. These are able to achieve, because compared to energy-saving lamps, LED lights can do too much.

In a Carrefour supermarket in Lille, France, PHILPS began another experiment with a LED lamp: a sensor was installed in the LED light to track the location of each customer. Total length of 2500 meters of LED lamp with the ability to transmit signals to the smart phone, smart phone without networking can determine the location and direction of the user by receiving the signal of the light.

In this way, the retailer can join in the mobile phone application store navigation functions, can also be based on the location of the user push to send promotional information, such as forward 2 meters, on the right side of the wine shop to buy a one".

In addition to the pilot projects and Carrefour, Philips is still in Los Angeles, New York, Italy San Grob et al carried out 262 city pilot project. As early as ten years ago, PHILPS began to try to sell the overall solution to the customer. But in recent years, such as Theedge, Carrefour, such a case before the beginning of the people's vision.

Honglitronic: LED+ car networking

Following the shares of car networking firms in Jiangsu South billion in Pasadena technology 18% stake, honglitronic in car networking industry layout has taken a step. July 17 evening announcement, intends to 1.95 billion yuan in cash to buy Shenzhen Hui as Tong Technology Co., Ltd. 1857 million shares, GF sind intends to 15 million yuan in cash to buy Hui blockbuster 143 million shares; the two sides were invested 65 million yuan, 500 million yuan to Hui blockbuster capital. The implementation of the transaction is completed, the company will hold 36.58% stake in Guangdong Hui Shitong, Sindh will hold 2.82% stake in Hui vision. Company shares resume trading in July 20th.

Data shows, Hui blockbuster in the field of car networking has ten years of experience, is the largest set research and development, production, sales and service in one of the company, to provide one of the GPS field operations service integrated vehicle networking company, product application covers taxis, buses, logistics vehicles, dangerous goods vehicles, car rental, long-distance passenger transport, private cars, such as in the field, and has entered the Shanghai Volkswagen and other market.

Hui Shitong commitment to shareholders, in 2015 net profit of not less than 45000000 yuan. If the 2016 Hongli photoelectric acquisition Hui blockbuster of all remaining shares, Hui blockbuster shareholder commitment, 2016, 2017, 2018 2019 Hui blockbuster achieve net profit of 70 million yuan, 90 million yuan, 120 million yuan and 1.45 billion yuan respectively.

To December 31, 2018, if Hui blockbuster to successful IPO or failed to be listed company merger and acquisition success, by Hui blockbuster shareholders according to the total amount of the transaction repurchase Hongli photoelectric and GF faith held shares in the company, and the payment of transaction amount 15% annualized interest rates. It is worth noting that, as of August 31, 2015, the parties are still unable to sign a formal agreement, the intention of the agreement automatically terminated.

Hongli photoelectric company said that if the investment can be formally implemented, will be company in vehicle network investment areas in southern Jiangsu billion Pasadena Digital Technology Development Co., Ltd. has taken an important step, will further accelerate the company in the pace of new vehicle networking industry industry layout, is conducive to the realization of the company's future twin main formats, establish the LED industry company + Internet banking plus the ecological car networking platform, have a positive impact on the future development of the company