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In 2015, LED lighting industry "key"

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In front of many lighting brands and products, how do you make judgments and choices in the "price war", the price may become a lot of consumers the most important evaluation and selection criteria, but the brand reputation, technology, performance, parameters and so on are not negligible choice.

1, why the "value war"?

The market competition is increasingly intense, lighting manufacturers how to manufacturers? Playing the "price card" is the first, but not the only one. If companies and businesses to carry out a price war, the entire lighting industry development and manufacturers are very unfavorable, so the industry by the "price war" to "value war" development is particularly necessary.

First, from the perspective of industry development, the price war will lead to the entire industry only pay attention to product prices and sales performance, ignoring the promotion of the industry's sustained and healthy development of product quality and technology, and even lead to the development of LED industry has been reversed;

Second, from the vendor's own level, the price war should be the manufacturer's innovation and technology, lighting manufacturers want to get sustainable development and competitiveness, innovation and development, to fight for the value is the right thing to do;

Third, from the consumer's point of view, lighting manufacturers for the value of the war, which is a conscience of the war. Manufacturers only adhere to the "value war", to protect the vital interests of consumers, so that consumers enjoy the development of the LED industry.

2, how to "value war"?

However, in the current fierce "price war", lighting manufacturers the how to set aside "price war, and to industry conscience value transition war?" value war "to a good pretext, of course, also want to pay attention to this.

First, improve the technical level. Product is the fundamental, and product core technology is the source of vitality of the enterprise, only in the continuous improvement of product technology based on the so-called "price war" to win the opportunity. NVC, chairman and CEO of sliding said, LED lighting enterprises in China to gallop the huge space in the global market, should continue to improve technology level, innovation fight, fight quality. Auman Lighting Technology Li Xiaoping, general manager, said that in the "price war" under the influence, pay attention to the trend of new products and new technologies, manufacturers of the future way out of place.

Second, strengthen industrial cooperation. Lighting industry chain from upstream to downstream, which is a whole, enterprises in the industry chain can not be alone, we must strengthen the cooperation on the upstream and downstream cooperation, integration of resources. Teyoushi photoelectric chief operating officer Hessler believes that business cooperation in the choice of brand is very important, businesses not only have to judge from the price, but also to the comprehensive ability of the system to understand the brand. Axe lighting general manager Lai Yangzhi said, manufacturers both sides should cooperate together, through the common market.

Finally, improve the service level. Good products, merchants sell products in the factory and the after-sales service is lighting manufacturers "grand opera", so as to further enhance the performance. Linyi Dongsheng lighting Zhiqiang, general manager said that in the fierce price war "of the current, and businesses must adhere to the road of brand development, and good products and services.