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Lighting industry to get together and the resumption of the proposal to resume trading on the proposal to come out really good"

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In experienced plummeted, intensive good, soaring, tumbling and soaring after jumping machine market, thrilling drama of the stock market continue to be staged, thousands of strands of crash tragedy, thousands of strands of suspension of the hedge, and a shares for a few day rally triggered listed companies get together the resumption of the spectacle. The slump in the couldn't find the reason for the suspension, for listed companies "faint cry on the keyboard"; and finding a resumption in the surge in reason, also let many listed companies racking brains. Over the past 20 trading days, A-share companies secretaries in plummeted down the suspension and the recent rebound in the stock to resume trading game, difficult to walk between the trading system and shareholders' interests, staged a worried and anxious helpless story.

Listing Corporation: after the suspension to what reason to resume trading?

Some listed companies plunge tide temporarily unable to find the true and rational basis for suspension and in semi annual window period can not be overweight, pre reduction, within six months and not short-term trading losses; and just looking for a good reason for suspension and touch the market rebound, not step on punctuality of listed companies is not in the minority. Data show that, due to irrational slump, A shares opened a rare wave of the suspension, the highest peak of more than two cities in the 1400 listing Corporation choose to hedge. However, due to the strong rebound in two consecutive trading days, A shares have shown a preliminary stabilization and rebound signs, the suspension of stocks also choose to resume.

According to the Eastern wealth network data show that only on Friday, there are 136 companies disclosed the resumption announcement, and according to the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange official website data show that Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities and 228 new companies announced today resumption. On July 13,, the resumption of a number of shares reached 368, a shares rebound into most of the suspension of the listed company's shares resume trading "best time", but for what reason the resumption, but in a test of the listed company management layer of IQ. According to incomplete statistics, 59 lighting industry shares of listed companies, until July 17, 15:00 close, has 21 stocks in the recovery normal trading and across the board gains across the board, which the motherboard stock has all the stock to resume trading.

Throughout the lighting industry. Only on July 13, there are three lighting industry listed company issued stock to resume trading notice, the reasons are different, Sanan optoelectronics announcement said the company disclosed the important matters, the application to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company's shares resume trading. Moso power supply to the company released "the announcement about company management holdings of shares of the company plans" as an excuse for the resumption and Aoyang Shunchang announcement said, in the stock suspension during the parties of the transaction object valuation differences is larger, and time of the transaction, realization methods unable to reach an agreement, and ultimately failed to form acceptable to all the operation of a deal with. The company believes that to continue to promote the difficulty of the matter, after careful consideration, the company decided to terminate the acquisition of the shares, the company's shares will resume trading. But no matter what kind of reasons, the listing Corporation must be determined to resume trading.

Commission: to control the rhythm, to resume trading out really good

A shares of the stock market in the near future, the stock market is quite spectacular, but this intensive "flash style" to resume trading, has attracted the attention of regulators. According to industry sources, if the next a shares continue to stabilize or even continue to rebound, many in order to avoid collapse and suspension of listed companies will with all the good news of the resumption of trading, after all, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock super half of the stock suspension in A-share history is a very extreme circumstances. But it should also be noted that if a large number of Companies in the short term to resume trading, the possibility of obtaining funds and all of it is not likely to be, and even a game, triggering dramatic fluctuations in stock prices.

In view of the collective shares resume trading, will lead to the difficulty of the rescue, the listing Corporation will be strictly controlled resumption, you want to resume trading companies need to release good news, and after the approval of the securities and Futures Commission approval to resume trading. While the Commission also confirmed in a regular press conference in July 10th, requiring all listing Corporation "five election one", to develop a plan to maintain the stability of the stock price. The five initiatives include the major shareholder holdings, Dong Jiangao holdings, the company repurchase, employee stock ownership plan, equity incentive, etc.. Related programs should be announced as soon as possible, and through the exchange platform to introduce investors to introduce the situation of production and management, etc..

According to the analysis, occupy, half of the suspension of the stock if in the last few trading days on the resumption of trading, the effect will probably let the market temporarily hard to digest. Is currently on the market can bear a limited number of business resumption, the reason why regulators strict control number of resumption, mainly is worried about resumption of business too much, resulting in managed to suppress the "red" stockmarkets took a further. However, in this round of the crash of the last few trading days of the suspension of the company, such as the application to resume trading, may be subject to priority, the resumption of the order may be the first to resume trading after the suspension".

Resume trading on the limit? Suspension time is very important

Related stocks after the trend is the trend of the stock is the most concern for investors, the trend of the stock after the resumption of trading is mainly affected by the two factors, one is the trend of the entire market during the suspension, the other is the impact of the planning for the listing Corporation. And in the current market environment, the general good news, I am afraid it is difficult to obtain recognition of the market. If a listing Corporation choose to resume trading time, is the entire A-share market has stabilized rebound, a large number of stocks have begun to rebound, then the trend is relatively optimistic after the resumption of trading A. But if the resumption of the market has not yet stabilized, will face