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Lighting industry talent shortage "vicious circle" vicious circle when do?

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"Spring sleep is not aware, resume to harass. In the interview itself, how many huyou." The first interesting doggerel is a realistic portrayal of the Chinese led enterprise and talents are helpless, enterprise and talent are sad and professionals looking for a job unsatisfactory, enterprises suspected of talent is not up to the standard, enterprise day by day in the recruitment, people often in the interview, unsatisfactory work job... LED lighting industry bosses say employees to see his eyes, constantly hopping; employees boss said no personality charm and execution system or punishment is not clear, only retain talent is good business, industry seems to have appeared in the "vicious circle" vicious circle, merits and demerits also return market judgment.

Collaboration alliance, expand recruitment channels

In the field of LED applications, the most scarce is the optical, visual design, electronic, structure, and other R & D technology talents, channel sales management planning talents, lighting application design talents, innovative talents (including technological innovation and business model innovation, etc.). Remember the author visited in the market found in enterprises recruitment is responsible for per capita proposed "expand recruitment channels", "adopt multi-channel Recruitment", "to expand recruitment channels" idea or suggestion, it is more desirable to government, association, or media to lead, to build a common platform, organization many enterprises, large-scale recruitment will be held, to the truly meet the recruitment needs of lighting entrepreneurs.

Dongguan KingSun optoelectronic Co., Ltd. senior manager of human resources Zhu Yilong said at present, lighting enterprise in terms of recruitment often exists the following questions: first, the recruitment lack of effective evaluation mechanism and recruitment team without corresponding quantitative performance and assessment standards; second, recruitment lack of control and the overall planning, more temporary demand, the recruitment work still stay in the 'lack of people that trick' situation; third, the talent screening ability is poor, screening technique single; fourth, industry lack of specification of the compensation standard and compensation range.

And to solve these current situation, it is urgent to LED industry alliance, the association to build a bridge between enterprises, timely communication and creation of effective platform for enterprises to promote the exchange and communication between the industry HR, mutual communication mechanism to create a talent exchange information, and promote the industry's ability to evaluate. KingSun will according to the strategic goal of the enterprise, the suitable manpower planning, setting with less idle position, rational and effective allocation of human, according to the system of classification, set orderly career path, its annual will from the introduction of a proper amount of reserve cadres, dare to with new people, new culture, make new fast growth, build reasonable talent echelon, according to the system, position level set specification of the compensation standard and scope, establish and adapt to business performance management system, scientific and quantitative evaluation index greatly effective to promote the healthy growth of talent, to stimulate the potential of the staff of performance.

In addition, for the lighting industry, marketing, technology, brand planning and other elite, who dared to challenge the high salary, the realization of self value, ground will break the talent introduction mechanism, for them to develop special salary conditions, so that the individual value can be fully reflected. In talent selection and appointment, pay great attention to the talents of professional quality, professional ethics, professional skills, professional, team consciousness, as far as possible seleeting talents, to create a talent of depression, a platform to create wealth, a good talent ecological environment.

Practicing internal strength, to build a "talent protection station"

Changsha City, Ming Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Yi Yongchen pointed out that corporate culture and management mode is the key to retain talent, especially the stability of the core talent to attract the stability of basic staff. At present, the lighting industry is very depressed, there is indeed a lot of talent flow phenomenon, so that business managers are very troubled. There are many factors that cause the talent flow, such as the material demand, not meet the individual's expectations, the spiritual needs are not satisfied, the work is not happy, the pressure, etc., the world outlook or attitude is not correct, do not understand the balance principle of pay and return.

In fact, the flow of talent is a natural social phenomenon, as with a cup of salt water into the same, the need to spread the comprehensive, and ultimately achieve the concentration of equilibrium. For the development of enterprises, the flow of talent may not be a bad thing, for the development of enterprises can have more talent selection, and for temporary development of enterprises can also achieve the role of resource reduction, it can also allow enterprises to find the root of the problem itself.

For personnel management: A, from the personnel selection of starting, the character first, ability to place second; second, periodic layered communication training, to boost the morale of employees, morale and create positive energy; directors will to establish an equity pool, to rights have the ability to talent in the enterprise dividends, to retain the core of talent; integrated management system of regular pay rise; fifth, corporate of staff to talk about the credibility, commitment to must be fulfilled; six, creating a mutual respect, mutual encouragement, mutual help working atmosphere. In fact, the company to retain talent is a long-term strategy, the need to be alert to their own will not be reduced to the talent training base". So