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Shanghai people's Congress proposed the development of energy-saving lamp industry standards and recycling mechanism

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"Don't phase out incandescent light!" In the two sessions, the netizen Zhang Ligang through the National People's Congress online online hotline, do not have a light bulb, it will eliminate incandescent light bulbs. Energy saving lamps containing mercury, waste energy-saving lamps if handled properly on the environment will cause pollution, "it is recommended not to phase out incandescent lamps, so that incandescent lamps continue to market."

For the views of the netizens, many people's Congress also put forward their own views, whether to develop a sound energy-saving lamps and related standards and norms? In the scrap and eliminate the existing energy-saving lamps, whether as soon as possible to develop the relevant laws and regulations, and the use of reasonable and perfect the mechanism to protect our ecological environment?

Blue light hazards should be countermeasures to prevent

City People's Congress on behalf of Wu Jianrong submitted a bill, said the LED lighting products are rich in blue light harmful health needs to develop industry standards and related laws and regulations.

Energy saving lighting products in the LED (light-emitting diode) and fluorescent lamps are rich in blue light, the vision of health hazards, there is no corresponding standard, the lack of mandatory policy, for people's health risks. He proposed that the energy efficient lighting products to get the support of national policy, 30% - 50% of subsidies, including civil self ballasted fluorescent lamps, three color double ended straight fluorescent lamps and semiconductor LED (light emitting diode) lighting products. In the corresponding policies, energy-saving lighting equipment is generally replaced by the original high energy consumption of lighting equipment, and its related industries are therefore high-speed development.

Energy saving lighting and related products of the potential blue light hazard has been proved by science and standard specification. However, due to lack of relevant specifications and requirements, in the product quality and lighting standards, etc.. So the health risks. "How can we enjoy the high efficiency and energy saving lighting to bring us energy conservation, reduce or even eliminate its blue light damage, which requires the relevant quality system, as well as the formulation of laws and regulations, to be able to solve this problem systematically."

Formulation of recycling processing specification

Municipal People's Congress, Ding Ming, and other submitted to speed up the development of Shanghai, waste gas power generation lamp recycling process specification proposed, Shanghai as a model city to promote energy saving lamps, in 2009 and 2010 to enter the form of policy subsidies to the residents of energy-saving lamps of 3, ordinary energy-saving lamps for 27000000 years, now has entered a period of focus, and its recycling has been imminent, but so far there is no relevant policies and regulations.

Ding Ming proposed, a energy saving lamp with mercury content of up to 5 mg, and a waste of 5 mg of waste energy-saving light disposal, may pollute as many as 50 tons of surface water. If the energy saving lamp breakage and leakage, the environment and the human body will cause harm. Therefore, to develop as soon as possible to develop the policy and regulations of waste energy-saving lamps.

Ding Ming suggested that the law should be at least clear the principle of recycling and processing, the law enforcement agencies, law enforcement agencies, law enforcement agencies and related businesses, institutions, but also clear the city, county law enforcement bureau and subordinate specialized agencies and subordinate relationship. In addition, it is also required to establish incentives for environmental protection departments, related enterprises, institutions and community residents, etc..

Municipal People's Congress on behalf of Qian Yiliang also suggested that the establishment of recycling points in various communities, neighborhood committees, and the establishment of fixed point of waste and energy recycling processing center. "The old lamp for effective recycling, the need for policy support, it is suggested that the government consider giving appropriate subsidies, after cost calculation, take 'old for new' and put a little bit of money, to encourage people to return to the old lamp in exchange for new energy-saving lamps, only charge a fee, or simply free exchange." In this way, we can effectively collect the waste energy-saving lamps, easy to carry out centralized treatment.